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February 10, 2012


Welcome to my baby book-tastic blog that has yet to start talking! I'm Vivian, high school Junior, piano student, addicted reader of all books (well, maybe not science textbooks...), and enthusiastic book reviewer.

Due to time restraints, I have not had the time to properly bring this new blog to life yet. However, I have tons of reviews on paper, it's only just a bit more time before I will be posting them up here in a single archive ^^ In the meantime, I have a couple of book reviews on my personal blog already, so feel free to check out some of them and leave a message in my CBox ~

Thank you for stopping by here ❤

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  1. Hi, past-Vivian! It's so great to meet you! x) Oh my, thank you so much for the lovely comment in my first post, Vivian! <3 I wish you know how GIGANTIC my smile right now LOL! x) I agree with you, first post should be the one that makes people feel most welcomed, right? ;)

    I might start my blog from such loooong time ago, but since I just recently brought it back to life in February 2012, I think we started the blog around the same time, Vivi! <3 Gosh, how COOL is that? ;)

    To past-Vivi, HELLO THERE! I love you and your blog! To the now-Vivi, ditto! <3 ;)


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