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March 12, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday ● #2

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish where you share a top ten list!

This week's Top Ten Tuesday edition is ~drum roll~ A top ten list of (x) genre books. The (x) unknown factor is up to the blogger to decide! Of course, my genre choice will be Paranormal/Fantasy!!! Ehh...is that two genres? Ah well. I'm combining them. They are pretty close to each other anyway ;)

1. "River Secrets" by Shannon Hale : There's no putting into words how much I love Shannon Hale's "The Books of Bayern", and this one with Razo as the main character is definitely one of my absolute favourites!
2. "Deception" by Lee Nichols : The ultimate ghost-battling story! This trilogy is SUCH a thrill!
3. "Prophecy of the Sisters" by Michelle Zink : Quite self-explanatory! Subtle in its fantasy and magic factor, making it all the more realistic and and amazingly believable!
4. "Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone" by J.K.Rowling : My classic pick. First one will always hold the most memories for me!
5. "Blue Bloods" by Melissa de la Cruz : This is Vivi's vampire pick! I'm not a Twilight fanatic, but if you ask for vampires, this one's quite a good and juicy one too!
6. "13 to Life" by Shannon Delaney : I'm actually starting to really like this series! Great fast and enjoyable read, awaiting my copy of the second book right now!
7. "Halo" by Alexandra Adornetto : Oh, here we go again... my absolute no. 1 angels pick for you!
8. "The Gathering" by Kelley Armstrong : This one actually made it on the list! It's growing on me too, even though I find it similar to "13 to Life", it's still a great read!
9. "Rampant" by Diana Peterfreund : Bloody, killer unicorns! Now that's something you don't read most days! Quite a good and unique world created here, full of exciting action!
10. "Another Faust" by Daniel & Dina Nayeri : And definitely an "Another" series book, because points for sophistication and story-telling, mixed in with the paranormal and spin-offs!

That's it for Vivian's Top 10 Paranormal/Fantasy list! For now. Actually, those top 4 would always be on the list, but the rest...hmmm, they may pass and go. What's your Tuesday top ten? Post a link in the comments! I'd love to hear what you think of my picks too, especially if you've read any of these!!!



  1. Ooo great list! I love Blue Bloods and Kelley Armstrong!!!

    Amber @ Fall Into Books

    1. Ms. Armstrong has yet to further prove herself to moi~ >:)

  2. I haven't read any of these except HP of course! And your right the first book will always be magical especially reading the words: Your a wizard Harry! Great list :) And thanks for following! I'm following back!

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Haha, it's great, we were both the 59th follower for each other ^^ I know, right? Totally agree!

  3. I love the Harry Potter & Prophecy of the sisters, ofcourse :p

    I want to give you my button, but I don't have a clue how I must do that! I'm not very good at those codes.. I don't even get the code on my blog, because the image keeps popping up.. Can you help me? Please explain how you get the code under your button and how I can give him to you :)

  4. I'd define paranormal as a sub-genre of fantasy anyway. You've got a great blog here, and you've been very busy since you started posting - I wish I could post so regularly.

    I haven't read the Prophecy of the Sisters (didn't realise there was one sequel, let alone 2) but I really want to. Great reviews here. :)

  5. I really have to read The Prophecy of the Sisters because this series sounds amazing :) !!

  6. I have been wanting to read Rampant :)


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