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June 28, 2012

Cover Love Thursday ❤ One

I've decided to participate in this sweet little cover meme ^_^ My link is hosted by Kayla @ Kismet Kayla
It's been awhile since I've done some cover appreciation. And I also can't help but include an opposition cover...one that I don't love so much...

Sever by Lauren DeStefano (Chemical Garden #3)

Thank you, Giselle, for bringing this into my interest through Facebook ^^:

This HAS to be my favourite cover in the entire series!!! Don't get me wrong; I think the first 2 covers were okay, and I really love the circle-y and rectangle-y and geometrical-y design of them all. But this one...I don't know...it seems to hold a different kind of beauty. Like, I feel like there is hope (I haven't read the second book yet, by the way.) in the storyline, while the other two covers were beautiful, but gives off a-a-a wilted sort of feeling (which I don't respond well too -blush). Anyhow, the colours of it, the model, and the props in the background all come together awfully nicely *-* -admires-

By the way, the topic of covers has put an unpleasant cover into my head. I shall get it out once and for all, if you all don't mind... Has any of you seen this cover?

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time
by Mark Haddon

Grade 9 Vivi hated this cover. Just finished Grade 11 Vivi also hates this cover. Isn't it funny how all (well, almost all) the books they make you read in school are quite well written, but you can never truly bring yourself to enjoy it?! All the time wasted scribbling out that massively long title on numerous assignments and essay write-ups.

Besides the plainness and the colour (it's even worse in real life, trust me.), it's the dog. Yes, the upside down dog. Mind you, that dog isn't a 2D dog printed on the cover. No, it's a cut-out on the cover itself. Meaning even though the books were brand new at the beginning of the school year, by the end, all of the copies had such destroyed upside-down-dogs, you couldn't even make out the distorted shape.

I take special pride into caring well for my books. I suffered because even though I was SO careful with my copy, at the end of the year, my upside-down-dog also lost its paper tail and one of its ridiculously-skinny legs. And every time I took this book (carefully) out of my backpack, I had to turn it around and around for at least 3 full 360° turns because the upside-down-dog was just SO DARN CONFUSING for the orientation.

.. that's it for me today ^_^ I'm sorry for not being around. I've been SO busy studying for my G1 test; my bombing skills are lame, aren't they.  If the book-blogging community ever had a book-review-bombing tournament, I wouldn't even make it past the preliminary round.

P.S. Canada Day weekend is coming up! Happy Canada Day to you all~   ❤

♡ Vivian


  1. I really loved Sever's cover! I wasn't really a fan of the first two covers, but I love this one. The model is so pretty, and the hope on her face is so inspiring! Because, trust me, after that 2nd book, hope is definitely needed. ;) And that cover with the ridiculously long title that I'm not going to type out? It's really ugly. =p I totally agree with everything that you've said about it!

    Lovely post, Vivian! <3

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

  2. Sever's definitely the more positive-looking cover in the series! I can't wait for it to come out!!! >w<
    Oh, and glad to hear you're enjoying Clockwork Angel! YAAAAAY Will Herondale! Oh how that boy makes me swoon...
    Just wait til you read Clockwork Prince! :D

  3. Oh oh oh, I was JUST going to post about the cover for Sever too! I actually liked the other covers better when I first saw it, but you just made me appreciate this a lot more. It really IS beautiful, isn't it? I keep looking at it and thinking that the happier looking model might mean a happily ever after for Rhine and Gabriel, and that's what I'm looking forward to most of all! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing, Vivi! I hope you have a wonderful Canada Day too and good luck with your G1 test! (You're SO lucky you get to take yours already!) I'm sure you'll do AMAZING ;) <3

  4. I like the cover of Sever, it's much brighter than the others and I've read that a few people actually don't like it because of that. But I do! I bought the first book in that series recently and really must get to reading it so I can catch up with everyone else. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I'm not a fan of the cover for Sever, it's so flashy and... green. The others were both gradient it doesn't match very well and it looks so cheery. lol

  6. I like the cover of Sever! But I must say that I like the first cover the most ^^ the second one is not my favorite.

    I have no idea what a G1 test is, but good luck with studying and I hope it goes well ^^

  7. I don't mind the cover for Sever. I think it's pretty. i haven't read any in the series though. School really CAN ruin the fun of books for you, but I really loved The Curious Incident...
    I read it on my own, though. haha


    1. >_< Lucky you! The book itself wasn't at all bad, trust me..though I probably didn't enjoy it much. nevertheless, the cover itself, I really can't stand +_+

  8. Thanks for posting! LOL! Hope you do one next week to! :D LOL

  9. I adore the cover for Sever - it's so pretty and intriguing and it also goes really well with the covers of the other books in the series! And that dress... oh my gosh, that dress is so beautiful :')

    I've never seen that cover for The Curious Incident - I don't really like it either!

    Thanks for posting this, Vivian <3


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