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June 21, 2012

I'M BACK ~ !!!

Vivi is officially back. I'm done Junior Year and all those crazy exams (for now.)! I cannot believe it, really, that I'm going to be a Senior next year (!!!) -feels old now-

Thank you guys so much for waiting for me! I-I hope I'm not talking to a ghost audience here... O_O Don't know why, but I feel slightly intimidated, haha! I was so happy to sometimes come back here for a break from things and see those occasional comments. It really made me work harder and I looked forward to this day SO much!

I'm really sorry to not have been there for all those missed reviews. Please pretend that I have left lovely comments, er, in spirit. It will be a bit slow to get this blog back running smoothly, and I also need to tie up some loose ends here and there, but I promise I'll be happily prancing back to each and every one of your blogs!!! If I've missed you at any point later on this coming week, feel free to leave a comment ^_^

Also, as a heads-up, there's going to be a major bombing of all the book reviews that I've written but have not shared with anyone (which makes me very sad...). I'll try not to post too frequently, but for some time, there will be constant book reviews while I tidy other things up as well.

It truly feels great to be back, here on Blogger, and typing up a brand new post. Here's  to the beginning of a new chapter!



  1. Hello! :) I just followed your blog, and see you are back on your blog. I have read some of our previous posts; they are awesome! Look forward to reading more, but right now I've tagged you for the Liebster blog award.

    For details please follow this link:

    Marissa :)

  2. VIVI!! Oh, how I have missed you!! I really loved seeing those few comments on Facebook... they gave me renewed hope that this day would come and I could see you blogging again soon. AND YOU'RE BACK NOW!!

  3. SO glad you"re finally back Vivian! Can't wait to read more of your reviews lady!

  4. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeej! I'm so glad that you are back! :D

  5. Yay so happy your back chicky!! Bomb away! :D

  6. VIVIAN!! Awwww miss you so much lovely!! So glad to have you back! x) Don't worry, I sure won't mind the review bombing LOL - CAN'T WAIT to read all your adorable reviews!! Congratulation for being a senior in highschool! <3 *throws confetti* Don't worry, you're not old at all! If you were old, what would it make me? :P

    Can't wait to chat more with you, Vivi! *hugs*

  7. WELCOME BACK, VIVI! Oh my goodness, doesn't it feel so good to get school out of the way? I have two more next week but then I will be right on the celebration train with you to have two whole months of beautiful summer ahead of us! <3 And are you kidding? I'm gearing myself up for your book bombing right now! I can't wait to hear you gush about all the amazing books you've read over the past few weeks! :D

    Have a wonderful weekend, Vivi! :) <3

  8. Senior year, huh? I've gotten through it twice (Germany and US), so I'm sure you'll maage yours just fine x)
    It's good to have you back with us. I'm looking forwad to all those missed out reviews!!

  9. Viviaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! I missed youuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooo muuuuuuuuch!!! I guess I made it pretty clear in you *until we meet again* post XD lol!!
    Hell... it felt like n eternity without your around here sniff!

    But you are back! yay! congrats in gloriously finishing your school year! one more to go!!! you are all grown up now ^__^ Senior girl ;)

    muah! XOXOXOXO


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