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July 16, 2012

*Spoilerific* In the Spotlight : Jem & Clockwork Prince!

Welcome! In the Vivacious Spotlight is a talkative type of post where Vivi shares with you specific thoughts, gush-worthy moments, and awesome characters from a spotlighted book/series/theme, etc. It is in truth, very much a discussion-like feature, and often contains questions from yours truly to you, so feel free to join in in the comments section! 

In this first edition of In the Vivacious Spotlight, the limelight shines Cassandra Clare's second book of The Infernal Devices series, Clockwork Prince, and in particular, the character James "Jem" Carstairs! (by the way, this is a loooooooooong post.)


If you wish to continue, please enter from the doorway directly ahead. Seats in rows A to J are located to your left, rows K to O in the middle, and rows P to Z are to your right. ^_^

This edition is partially to celebrate Clockwork Prince, which I've just recently finished reading, but also to celebrate Jem's recent victory over Gale (from The Hunger Games) in the YA Crush Tourney! -clap clap clap!- For the match, click here. A super huge congrats to you, Jem! Off to Round 2, you are! (He's against Finnick in Round 2, I think. What's with THG-attack against Jem?!)

A book review for Clockwork Prince will come after I recover a bit from the aftershock of it all. -sweatdrop-

A bit of a clarification --> I'm not strictly Team Jem. Nor can I say that I'm only Team Will either. This is one of the strongest Triangles I've been thrown into by an author, and I absolutely cannot stand to see either Will or Jem get hurt, even though Will's the one who had a tough time in Clockwork Prince (which is an understatement, I know....). Also, I felt that if I posted about Will.....I might go insane...O_O -slightly worried-

One of the main points of this spotlight ---> I know how evenly most fans love both Jem and Will but it seems as though Jem is....less gushed-about. So I shall place him in the spotlight this time! This post will pay tribute to Jem! Even though I'm both Teams, I am most willing to contribute to the Jem side as well ❤ ❤ ❤

 First Impressions of Jem: In Clockwork Angel, my first impression of Jem was the unwavering voice of reason and sense in a crazy, crazy world, which turned out to be pretty much true.

His character background was a bit unexpected though. I really liked how Cassie created such different backdrops for her characters. Will with his demon, Jem with his yin fen and Shanghai childhood, Jessie with her dollhouse, etc.

Thinking of Jem: He's such a sweetheart *//////* Yes, he shows the occasional physically-weak moment here and there, but he still gives off an admirably stoic and strong image of his personality.

In Clockwork Prince, we finally got a look at Jem snapping when him and Tessa dragged Will back from the opium den. This actually made me like him even more because it added a lot more depth to his character. Well, now we know that he's not one of those nice but boring and shallow characters who just goes along with everything. -smile, nod smile nod-

That he's capable of more passionate emotions convinced me that he is worthy for his bigger role in Clockwork Prince. Not that I ever doubted Jem to be a shallow character. o_o

Jem and Will: This strong bond between Jem and Will would be the most prominent and unbreakable boy-and-boy bond I've ever encountered in a YA book. It goes to the point that each of them gives off an equally strong appeal in the second book (while I felt Jem was slightly in the shadows for Clockwork Angel).

What Will did for Jem at the end of Clockwork Prince just shows how admirable this friendship is. I felt so much more respect for Will for withstanding Jem and Tessa's engagement so valiantly. At the same time, perhaps in another book, I would have hated the character that is in Jem's position, but I did not hate Jem at all. Instead, I felt the urge to wish Jem happiness too, because even though we saw Will suffer, I could not imagine being able to see Jem suffering too.

Jem and Tessa: To be honest, I suffered from a spoiler of their engagement prior to reading, which I absolutely hated myself for. However, with that in mind, I took a closer peak at Jem and Tessa's relationship.

Cassie did so much awesome layering for this, I had an amazing time experiencing the gradual but steady unraveling of their love. It was nice and steady, just like Jem's personality. Nothing sudden. Even so, not everything Cassie laid out played out the way she probably intended to for me...

>>> I first saw this adorable illustration on Jennifer's blog. It's linked back to its tumblr source. (Hope you don't mind me borrowing it, Jen XD )

Jem's Chinese: This isn't about him specifically speaking Chinese, but rather, that Jem has a different language (or background) that at the beginning of Clockwork Prince, Tessa was still on the other side of the closed door of.

It was so gorgeous, how as the book progressed, Tessa slowly and slowly heard more of Jem's Chinese, to the point in that dream-sort of scene where she knew and understood exactly what he was saying. It was like showing how that barrier between was melting. (not the specific language barrier, but just as barrier between the two characters.)

I absolutely loved the skillful tactic of uncovering bits of Jem using Chinese over the entire course of the book. . The only problem was that it wasn't really gradual uncovering for me personally  while I was reading....

|| Flashback Time! ||

"Say something in Mandarin," said Tessa with a smile.
Jem said something rapidly, that sounded like a lot of breathy vowels and consonants run together, his voice rising and falling melodically: "Ni hen piao liang."

"What did you say?"
"I said your hair is coming undone. Here," ---------Vivi interjects! "Jem, you liar! That is SO not what you said!!!" (I literally shouted this out loud when I was reading.)

|| End of Flashback ||

For Vivi, that was the first big moment that hinted strongly of Jem's feelings for Tessa. It was building to that point, but that was definitely the first glimpse that we get of Jem revealing it literally. Even though Cassie wrote it with the intention that her readers wouldn't know the true meaning of "你很漂亮" until the....uh.-cough-..bedroom...scene, it was a peak at in-love-with-Tessa Jem and it was really well pulled off!

Nevertheless, it wasn't like the first hint that he liked Tessa at all, so it's Vivi's Question Time!!! If you've read to this point....wow....-gives you a big hug-

I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this one because I didn't get the chance to experience it the way many of you guys would've.

When you reached that scene, did you believe Jem's inital translation? Or were you slightly suspicious that there was something more there? And if you didn't believe Jem either, what did you guess he said instead?

Imagining Jem (Vivi Version): I've searched from corner to corner, but for me, this seems to be the best Jem-ish realistic casting, courtesy of this tumblr blog here.

There's something very gentle and not completely ordinary about this picture. If this guy said he was half Chinese, I'd probably go with it too. Okay...maybe a bit of a stretch, but not impossible.

I don't know....something about the atmosphere being set off by this particular photo too... What cha think? ^_^

This first show of In the Vivacious Spotlight is coming to a close! Should you want more, join us in the reception room for sharings of extras!

Finale Pic Spam for Jem ~ (mostly tumblr goods, all linked back to their sources ^_^)



This is the end!!! Thanks for reading through ❤


  1. Oh, wow! I love this Vivi. I have a huge crush on Jem, so this page feels like it was written just for me.

  2. I'm strictly team Jem! I LOVE HIM! I honestly don't even like Will. I am going to be so mad if Tessa ends up with him. Jem is wonderful! I also spoiled myself of their engagement before I read it but that just made me sooooooooooo happy! As soon as I got the book I skipped to page 201 because I heard that was their first kissing scene. It was amazing! Did you read it from Jem's POV?

    1. Haha, I knew you are the biggest Team Jem ambassador out of all my blogging friends <3 OMG, yes! I did go read it!! and I thought I would melt! >_<

  3. Oh my gosh! I love this and Jem was a great first choice. It is hard to pick between Will or Jem so I usually say I'm Team Willem and I hate that someone will most likely be unhappy when the series ends. Great post!

    1. LOOOl!! "Willem", that's smart! ;)

  4. Perfect page for anyone with a Jem crush! I've linked to it from my facebook page for all the other fans :)

  5. Alright, so I'm feeling a bit sad now. I haven't read the books, so I really had to force myself to scroll to the comment box without reading this. It looks amazing and I will keep this in mind: if I'm reading to read it, I will take a look at it right away! Because I know this must be awesome ^^ you wrote it.

    1. I'm sorry, Mel!! >_< I really do understand that feeling! But tell ya what, if you do read TID, I promise you you won't regret it ;) and I very much appreciate you keeping my post in mind too <3

  6. I'm Team Will, but Cassandra Clare does such a great job of making both boys so darn AMAZING!
    I can't believe you got the whole marriage proposal scene spoiled for you, though! That scene gave me SO. MANY. FEELS.
    And I also yelled at the book when Jem lied about the Chinese bit--but I'm glad he told Tessa what it really meant later!

    1. Vivi's a Willer AND a Jemmer *3* (I coined those terms~ remember, you first heard it from meh XD). Oh God, I'm SO envious! To think of the shock that I was missing out on hurts...a lot...

  7. "In the Vivacious Spotlight" is such a delightful idea! I haven't read it yet so I just took a surface skim of the post, but must say the excerpt you included about Jem's Chinese is quite hilarious to those of us that can actually understand him. Ethnic minorities are so underrepresented in literature so I appreciate that.

    1. Oh, Annie, you have to read it; it's incredible! I hope I didn't spoil anything for you! O_O And thank you! <3 I'm glad you approve ^_^

  8. I am TEAM JEM!! Ugh, he is just so everything XOXO! I really like your idea of spotlighting that you did. And as for your question posed in the post I knew that is not what he really said...it was just too suspicious. So even though I don't know Chinese I knew something was up!

    I officially can not wait for Clockwork Princess!


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